A versatile collisional-radiative model for fusion plasma applications in Python

The Collisional-Radiative UEDGE Model for Plasma Edge Theory (CRUMPET) tool was written as a tool for compiling existing molecular rate data into a versatile Collisional-Radiative Model (CRM) in Python. Using CRUMPET, complex molecular processes, such as molecularly-assisted recombination can be considered by the UEDGE plasma transport code via effective rates. The effective CR rates are calculated using the Greenland CRM formulation presented in P. T. Greenland, “Collisional–radiative models with molecules,” Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A, vol. 457, pp. 1821–1839, 2001.

The dynamic CRUMPET model lets the user create CRMs easily using existing databases and investigate the underlying atomic and molecular rates and data

Once the CRM is constructed, time-dependent solutions of the modeled species can be investigated, the steady-state solution can be obtained, and effective rate coefficients can be calculated.

The CRUMPET input files are easy to edit to create new CRMs from existing rates and cross-sections

The CR model is limited by the available data only, and makes no assumptions on the model. The model is not restricted to any species or compound, as long as fundamental reaction data is available.